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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the rubber cause allergies?
A. DMV's rubber formula contains dry powdered latex. It contains no liquid latex. The proteins that cause allergies have been neutralized. Independent laboratory testing has found no detetectable allergens contained in the final vulcanized product.

Q. Has anyone ever damaged their eyes by using a suction cup for removing a contact lens?
A. In over 35 years, there has never been a report of a patient or doctor damaging an eye by properly using a suction cup remover on a healthy, intact cornea.

Q. What is the best way to clean a DMV product?
A. We recommend the use of warm soapy water for washing our natural rubber products. Harsh chemicals should be avoided and petroleum products could cause the rubber to swell. The rubber products may be autoclaved or radiation sterilized. Do not autoclave the case as it may become distorted.

Q. What does “DMV” stand for?
A. In 1968 when the company was formed by the late Dr. Dennis England, there were two of his assistants whose names began with “M” and “V.”  He felt that their help was so indispensable that he used their initials in the company name.

Q. Are these products carried in pharmacies?
A. Generally our products have been available mostly in professional offices up to now. It would be quite helpful if consumers would petition their pharmacies to get involved in providing this product to their customers.

Q. Where are your products made?
A. All of our DMV branded products are manufactured at our facility in Zanesville, Ohio, USA.