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Gas Permeable Products

For Doctors, Opticians, Labs & Hospitals
DMV Ultra The DMV® Ultra™ removes and Inserts Gas Permeable and Hard lenses by use of a small suction cup on a handle. This is the most popular of our GP products.
DMV 45 The DMV® 45™ was developed to improve viewing of the eye while removing and inserting GP lenses. The handle is angled at 45 degrees for better viewing.
DMV Luma-Serter People with low vision find it easy to insert their lenses with an illuminated inserter. The DMV® Luma-Serter™ was designed with those people in mind. The Luma-Serter is attached to a penlight and a beam of light guides the lens to the eye.
DMV Classic The DMV® Classic™ is an excellent choice for Ortho-K lenses.
DMV Ultra
With the DMV® Ultra™, Insertion and removal are done fairly in line with the line of sight.
DMV 45
With the DMV® 45™, Insertion and removal are done at 45 degree angle with the fingers out of the line of sight.
Magic Touch The DMV® MagicTouch™ has a vent all the way through the handle that allows the user to turn its holding capacity "on and off" by squeezing the handle. The MagicTouch can be used for both insertion and removal of gas permeable contact lenses. Because its suction can be turned "on and off," the product is "stick-proof" - cannot get stuck to the eye.