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Dear DMV,

Our office has many satisfied patients thanks to your Soft Lens Handler. – H. Linn, Medina, Ohio

We are delighted with the Luma-Serter concept. It has made it possible for my wife to insert a hard lens into her eye with perfect precision. Leland L., Hot Springs, AR

I have been using your remover for hard lenses for many years and it makes me very happy. I love it. – Lidia M, Port Charlotte, FL

Thank you for selling me the DMV SLH. It is excellent. Now I can wear my fingernails long again. – Janine B., Franklin Lakes, NJ

I wear hard contact lenses and cannot remove them without a DMV Remover. I have several so I can keep one in my purse, the bathroom and at my office. – Mrs. Kathy C. Tuckerton, NJ

My husband cannot remove his soft lenses with his fingers. Your soft lens handler has been a life saver. – Mrs. Wallace M, Detroit, MI

I think these devices are excellent for the less well adapted contact lens patient. – Dr. Ellen N., Pasadena, CA

On being fitted with my first pair of soft contact lenses, I was supplied with one of your DMV soft lens removers. I cannot manage without it. I would like to order several extras. – Mrs. Judith W.
Essex, England

Thank you so much for making such wonderful products. My husband has Ortho-K lenses and uses your Classic and I wear astigmatism soft lenses and use your SLH. We are both well pleased. Mary T. – La Jolla, CA

I’ve been trying like mad to find your products in the stores. What stores are they available in? – Harvey M., San Antonio, TX

I love my SLH. I use it every day. I don’t know how I got along with out it for so many years. – Lois R., Braintree, MA

I just got my first Soft Lens Handler from your company and absolutely love it. It has been a God-send. Doretta H., Marion, IN

I love the DMV product line. I fit mainly pediatric patients and find DMV products to be very helpful for parents of infants and toddlers who have to remove lenses from their children's eyes.
- Dennis O., London, Ontario, Canada