About Us

Since 1946

DMV Corporation is the world’s leader in contact lens handling products.

The late Dr. Dennis England was a pioneer in the contact lens field as the first to apply for a corneal lens patent in 1946. Even though his patent was denied, his entrepreneurial spirit persisted and he began making contact lens removers in 1968.

After his passing, his son, Dr. Robert England, took over the family business and grew DMV to new heights by introducing many new products and expanding DMV products to other countries around the world.

In 2015, Dr. England sold the company to his optometry partner, Dr. Alan J. Patterson. Dr England has continued to stay on as a vital member of DMV as a technical consultant.

Dr. Patterson and our team at DMV Corporation strive to meet the growing demand of contact lens handling products by constantly reevaluating DMV’s current product line and the need for developing new products, as well as expanding DMV products further around the world.

We at DMV Corporation pride ourselves in continuing the tradition set by our founders and we pledge to continue that tradition into the future.


All DMV branded products are manufactured in the USA.