For Soft Lenses


The DMV® SLH™ (Soft Lens Handler) is used for insertion and removal of soft contact lenses for people who may have long fingernails, rough hands, or any other issues that make it difficult to use traditional methods of insertion and removal.  It has patented gripper pads which closely align with the eye shape and gently caress the lens surface. This allows comfortable and safe lens removal. Its small end has a shallow cupped indentation that holds the moist lens securely for placement onto the eye. The contact lens wearer can easily and accurately guide the SLH into place while looking in a mirror.

The DMV® Luma-Serter™ Plus is made specifically for the insertion of scleral lenses, hybrid lenses, and soft lenses.  There are two options of using this product:

1) When attached to a penlight, the light creates a luminous center that serves as a fixation target for alignment with the eye.

2) Patients can also slide it onto their finger to help with dexterity of inserting their scleral or hybrid lenses.